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Can you find the last name of the Baseball Hall of Famer hidden in each sentence?

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Forced Order
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Convey the bottle to recycling.
Oily skin erupts in red blotches.
The fireman's only hope was to crawl to safety.
Lose or win, field sports are well worth doing.
After seeing Cats and Les Miz, everyone was sick of musicals.
Cool burglars get swag; nervous burglars get arrested.
Bernardo, filled with dismay, saw disaster was coming.
Just once I would like to see Barbie trip Ken.
SentencePlayer Name
Beirut hills are often hazardous.
The 'little brouhaha,' in ESPN's terms, was almost a riot.
Rupert passed the Froot Loops and Trix, eyeing instead Cocoa Puffs.
After laying dormant, leprosy has become more common.
Atlantic Ocean liners must look for icebergs.
Her French was limited to 'Ooh-la-la!', 'joie de vivre,' and 'merci.'
Though in the past he had run faster, Ryun still won the silver medal.

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