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Can you find the last names of U.S. Presidents hidden in the following sentences??

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Forced Order
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If filled with earth, urns make swell planters.
Don't disturb us here!
The sign on the ATM read 'Out of order.'
The child threw a tantrum and ruined the concert.
The story featured a damsel in distress.
If caviar is too pricey, use salmon roe.
Phoenix only gets eight inches of rain per year.
Polo is a vulgar field sport.
You may have dessert after dinner.
The agile lumberjack's on the large log.
You'll find 0.9% NaCl in tonic saline.
To remain cool, I'd get out of the city.
I'd prefer to check both a yes and a no.
My guinea pig ran tirelessly on the wheel.
Farmers in Idaho overemphasize potatoes.
The head of Interpol killed the investigation.
I use kale and chard in green salads.
'Kindly stay, Lord Essex,' said the Queen.
The telecom ad is on all the stations.
We need a landfill more than a public park.
On the pier, cell phone service is second-rate.
Isn't carob a major substitute for chocolate?
His facial scar terrified the child.
Her personality is undramatic, level, and calm.

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