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Can you name the famous common-law (mainly U.S.) contracts cases from a description of their facts and holdings?

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DescriptionCase Name
1927: Cardozo opinion considered a key predecessor to promissory estoppel; concerned a pledge to a scholarship fund.
1965: Leading U.S. unconscionability case, arising from sale of furniture in D.C.
1921: Another Cardozo opinion, this time on material breach and cost of completion damages because the contractor installed the wrong kind of pipe.
1853: Leading English decision recognizing anticipatory repudiation.
1887: Mutual mistake case about the sale of a cow.
1903: Leading frustration case concerning the delayed coronation of King Edward VII.
1954: 'Two drunks in a bar' case on the objective approach to assent.
1935: 'Moral obligation' exception to consideration, stemming from a worker's injury and a grateful employer's promised pension.
DescriptionCase Name
1864: Mutual misunderstanding about the two ships 'Peerless.'
1960: 'The issue is, what is chicken?': The objective approach to interpretation.
1997: Somewhat notorious decision by Judge Easterbrook regarding the enforceability of terms in a box--here, holding a computer.
1988: New Jersey case on unenforceability of surrogacy contracts as against public policy.
1863: English impossibility case stemming from the destruction of the Surrey Gardens and Music Hall.
1968: Traynor opinion on the free admissibility of extrinsic evidence for interpretation.
1854: Failure to deliver broken millshaft causes economic loss; classic case on foreseeability as limit on damages.

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