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These people's first names and last names begin with the same letter. What are their last names?

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HintLast Name
US President; his actual first name was John
US President; his actual first name was Thomas
Irascible anatine cartoon character; names of nephews rhyme
Creator of the wardrobe malfunction; Michael's sister
First female Speaker of the House of Commons
A Mad Man
Engineer, aviator, billionaire, and eccentric
Her reputation isn't gone with the wind
Most home runs in MLB history
No pomp and circumstance about this answer
HintLast Name
Expert at picking a peck of pickled peppers
Saving Private Schindler from the Jaws of E.T.
Superman's archenemy
Wheels her wheelbarrow in Dublin
Czech-born model; twice on cover of SI swimsuit edition
Preeminent silent film comic
My high-school chemistry teacher never broke this badly
One of the Big Five international consulting terms until Enron
From Catch-22: officer because of his identical first and last names
Poet Laureate, 1843-1850; leader among Lake District poets

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