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QUIZ: Can you name the people, places, or things with the initials C.D.?

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It was the best of clues, it was the worst of clues.
On this you can see forever
Famous designer (e.g. the 'New Look')
Lawyer in Scopes trial, Leopold & Loeb, other controversial cases
There's something about her . . .
For 24 and 9, it's 3
The U.S. has 435 of these, mainly in very strange shapes
C.D. could stand for Canadian Diva
That round thing we used to use before MP3s
French Impressionist composer; shares first name with French Impressionist painters
This magazine is on the go
About $0.93 US at the moment
The 'Origin of' this answer evolved
Traditionally done in wooden-soled shoes; very annoying to downstairs neighbors
American luxury car, made from 1949 to 2005
A man in Victoria's Secret might be buying a present, but might be a . . .
Very pale ginger ale
You really don't want to go driving with them
One way to lend money to a bank
An inflammatory bowel disorder, perhaps autoimmune, associated with cramps, weight loss, and narrowing of the bowel

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