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Can you name the idiosyncrasies regarding the Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper?

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What is Sheldon's IQ?
What award did Sheldon win when he was 14 1/2 yrs old?
Where does Sheldon work?
What type of physicist is Sheldon?
Whose autograph and DNA did Penny give Sheldon for Christmas?
Sheldon's mother had him tested therefore he is not _______ .
What is Sheldon's 'catchphrase' when joking?
What new experience did Sheldon have to perform when Penny fell in the shower?
What favorite show of Leonards does Sheldon hate?
In what city did Sheldon grow up?
What song does Sheldon want to hear when he is sick?
Sheldon and Amy discussed having a child as a gift to _______.
What childhood idol of Sheldon became his archenemy?
With his archenemy as inspiration what did Sheldon name his bowling team?
What is Sheldon's nickname for his grandmother?
What name does Sheldon say his grandmother calls him?
What is Wednesday night for Sheldon and the guys?
Barry Kripke pumped what gas into Sheldon's office as a prank?
What is Sheldon's favorite amino acid?
What did Sheldon dress up as for Penny's Halloween party?

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