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Can you guess which items have more or less than a molar quantity (6.02e23)?

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QuantityMore/M or Less/L than a mole (6.02e23)?
Glucose molecules in a spoonful of sugar
Size of the world wide web, in bytes (2003)
Bacterial cells, worldwide
Positions of a Rubik's cube (3x3x3)
Human DNA base pairs in the world
Grains of rice produced annually
Mass of the earth, in kilograms
Volume of water in the Pacific, in millilitres
Annual world energy consumption, in Joules
Time since the big bang, in seconds
Octane molecules in a tank of gas
Human hair follciles in the world
Possible chessboard arrangments
Transistors in the Titan Supercomputer
Electrons transferred in a second at 110 V
Diameter of the observable universe, in metres
Ants in the world
Distance from our sun to Sirius, in inches
Internet addresses in the latest IPv6 protocol
Energy released by our sun, in Watts (J/s)
Mass of pluto (drawf planet), in grams
Calcium ions in a gallon (3.8 L) of milk
Moles (animal) that would fill Mars' volume

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