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Can you name the Cell Signalling and Protein Transport Components from Bio 2B03?

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Peroxisomal Protein Targeting
Cytosolic protein that recognizes the PTS1 targetting sequence 
Peroxisome membrane protein, receptor for [above] 
Amino acid sequence of the PTS1 signal peptide, found at the extreme C-terminus 
A monomer of the protein translocon channel (name any) 
Protein responsible for peroxisome membrane biogenesis 
Mitochondrial Protein Targeting
Sequence recognized by the mitochondrial import receptor; has an amphipathic helix 
Any monomer of the mitochondrial import receptor 
Facilitates protein movement from cytoplasm to intermembrane space 
Translocon connecting intermembrane space and matrix 
ATP-dependent chaperone that keeps polypeptides unfolded 
Type of sequence that targets a protein to the inner membrane 
Unfolded Protein Response
Binds to unfolded proteins 
Forms a dimer when [above] dissociates 
Transcription factor that upregulates UPR proteins 
A type of unfolded protein response enzyme 
ER Protein Targeting
Protein that recognizes a 16-30 N-terminal residue that has a positive, hydrophobic, and polar domain, from the N to C terminus direction. 
Alpha subunit of this protein binds to [above] 
Generic name for a membrane protein that allows a protein to pass through a membrane; binds to beta subunit of [above] 
ER membrane protein that cleaves signal sequences of proteins that have passed into the ER lumen 
Type of sequence required to integrate protein into ER membrane, with N-terminal in lumen (Type I) 
Type of sequence required to integrate protein in ER membrane, with C terminal in lumen (Type II) [or, N terminal in lumen with bulk of the protein on the cytosol side (type III)] 
COPII Vesicle Formation
GTP-ase that anchors to ER membrane when activated with GTP 
Equivalent for [above] in the COPI or clathrin vesicle formation model 
Membrane protein that is a receptor for [two above] 
One of the COPII coat proteins 
G-protein that releases the vesicle from the membrane 
GTPase that binds to a vesicle to control its docking 
Interacts with [above] to bring vesicles to target membrane 
Complex that links vesicle to target membrane 
Example v-SNARE 
Example t-SNARE 
Red Blood Cell Formation
Cytokine that signals bone marrow cells to reproduce 
Receptor for [above]; dimerizes when bound to signal protein. 
Bound to [above]; Phosphorylated when [above] is dimerized, and promotes phosphorylation of receptor to form docking site for [below] 
Transcription factor that regulates genes such as Bcl-XL that prevent cell death of bone marrow cells. 
Sequence exposed in [above] when phosphorylated and dimerized. 
Domain of a protein that recognizes phosphorylated tyrosines 
Phosphatase that deactivates pathway for short-term regulation 
Protein that recruits [below] to degrade receptor proteins for long-term regulation 
Enzyme that marks a protein for degradation 

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