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How many years after the halo event is halo 4 set?
What is the name of the first planet found by the covanent?
Sgt Johnson does what to an elite in the legendary ending of Halo CE?
What well known noise, said by elites, was made by reversing Sgt Johnson's phrase 'go go go'?
What famous frigate is known by the registration number FFG-201?
Which covanent vehicle in Halo Wars is described as a 'building killer'?
What genre was Halo originally going to be?
What is the name of the reach star system?
What class of starship is the UNSC Pillar Of Autumn?
How many MAC guns are there on destroyer class ships?
What is the name of the program which created The Master Chief?
What type of hog was the black warthog in Halo CE?
What is the name of the monitor of Installation 04?
Also known as The Monitor 
Which Forerunner tried to index all species of life?
What is the name of the multiplayer map Blood Gluch in Halo Reach?
What weapon can you get in Halo CE multiplayer alone?
Fire fire  
What is the call sign of the pelican which comes to rescue you in Halo CE?
How many times in in halo games does MC take off his helmet?
How long in the Pillar Of Autumn said to be?
In miles 
What is Noble 6's number?
Like S117 

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