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Mountain range covering all of West VirginiaA
Second-largest city and capital of LouisianaB
Forms the border between California and ArizonaC
City whose suburbs include Garland, Irving and PlanoD
Lake on which Cleveland and Toledo are locatedE
Fifth-largest city in CaliforniaF
Largest lake that is not one of the five Great LakesG
Largest city on the island of Hawai'iH
League of tribes in New YorkI
Largest city by area in the contiguous United StatesJ
Southernmost point in the contiguous United StatesK
Location of the Kentucky DerbyL
Smallest state capital in the United States (by population)M
Massachusetts island 30 miles south of Cape CodN
Bay Area city home to the Raiders and AthleticsO
Sound on which Seattle and Tacoma are locatedP
The second-largest county in the state of New YorkQ
A Virginian colony settled in 1585 which mysteriously disappearedR
Desert located in southern California and Arizona, extending into MexicoS
Capital city which was briefly renamed 'Google' in 2010T
Term used for the northern part of MichiganU
The largest city in the metropolitan area known as 'Hampton Roads'V
The highest mountain in the contiguous United StatesW
Company which is headquartered in Norwalk, ConnecticutX
The third-longest river in the United States, which lies partially in CanadaY
National Park in Utah with 2.8 million visitors in 2011Z

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