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Can you name the countries by The Economist's forecast for them in 2010?

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The combined shocks of sharply lower oil prices and falling international demand meant (country) had a worse time of it than most during the global slump.
After a lull following the death of (country)'s Taliban leader, Baituallah Mehsud, in a US drone attack, hostilites in the country's lawless north-west will regain their former...
Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister, will seek re-election in January, though his decision to remain aloof from a new Shia coalition reduces his chances.
The colonel's aim of improving ties with the West wil continue to be weakened by his idiosyncratic leadership style and policy decisions. Nevertheless, the country's oil wealth...
An impasse between Flemish and French-speaking parties over the devolution of federal power to regional authorities willl divert political attention from the vital task of...
Voters have not taken to its candidate-in-waiting, Dilma Rousseff, and the opposition candidate, Jose, Serra, who is governor of Sao Paulo state, will shine as economic hardship pe
Military victory over the Tamil Tigers will deliver a modest peace dividend, with a burst of inward investment driving growth to 6.3%, but underlying ethnic tension and isolated te
...Peace talks in Cyprus, a big factor in (country's) EU membership bid, will proceed, but bring no deal.
There is more to come as football [soccer] fans from around the world descend on the country's big cities.
Hardest hit of all European nations by the global slump, (country)'s economy will shrink by a further 4% in 2010 after 2009's horrific 17% contraction and a 4.6% decline in 2008.
The ruling party has said it wil not choose a presidential candidate until 2011, when elections are due, but the shift to a new leader- presumed to be Mr Mubarak's son, Gamal...
The economy will improve, but hesitant US and European consumers will limit the export recovery (Country) needs to turn around.
Kevin Rudd, who heads the Labor Party government, is here for the duration. Stronger business investment an drising exports to China will help the economy to grow faster in 2010...
Entrepot to the world, the city-state was battered by the collapse in world trade that accompanied the credit crunch...
Improving ties with China will remain a priority, and an economic co-operation agreement with the mainland may be reached in 2010.

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