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The words citing oneness of God is written in this country's language.
Flag with a tilted cross, surrounded by the sea.
Netherlands flag altered to embrace the Black peoples of the country.
Socialist coat-of-arms was literally cut out during this country's revolution.
Two-headed eagle depicted in accordance with the etymology of the country's name.
A blue chakra, symbolising the law.
The ceiling of the country's traditional houses.
Celestial objects of the night sky reflect from the blood of martyrs.
The word 'Allah' in the form of a tulip, symbolising the purity of martyrs.
Forests and goldmines surrounding the sky as seen above the country.
Sun of May on the canton of the flag.
Sun of May as seen by a general before the Battle of Parana.
Chequered coat-of-arms symbolising the kings.
Three colours derived from the imperial coat-of-arms of Holy Roman Empire.
Four stars placed to form Southern Cross Constellation.
Cedar tree, symbol of the Maronite Christians.
Seven stars symbolising provinces form an arc.
Traditional shield and two spears.
50 modern states and 13 original colonies are depicted as stars and stripes.
Half stars placed on top and bottom to indicate infinity, alongside a triangle symbolising country's three peoples.
'God is the greatest' written in Arabic between the stars.
A green rendition of Solomon's seal.
As many stripes as the number of syllables in 'Freedom or Death!' in that nation's language.
Crosses of three patron saints superimposed on one another.
Coat-of-arms framed with depiction of Pillars of Hercules.

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