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Can you name pairs of neighboring countries embroiled in conflicts along their shared border?

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1947-present: Nuclear-armed rivals face off over Kashmir
1953-present: Standoff between two sides of the 'DMZ'
1962: Monthlong war over a border dispute in the Himalayas
1967-1973: Border wars result in annexation of the Golan Heights
1973-2005: The bloodless 'whisky war' over uninhabited Hans Island strains relations in the Arctic
1976-1979: Competing claims to former Spanish colony of Western Sahara
1977: Brief war in North Africa spurred by opposition to peace treaty with Israel
1978-1979: Cross-border rebellion results in ouster of Idi Amin
1979: Open defiance of Soviet influence leads to this border war in Southeast Asia
1980-1988: Border disputes lead to one of the longest and bloodiest wars of the 1980s
1981: Dispute over military outposts on the Cordillera del Cóndor mountain range
1982: Expulsion of PLO fighters results in Syrian-dominated government
1987-1988: Ambiguous surveying by French colonialists leads to a border war in Southeast Asia
1988-1994: Nagorno-Karabakh War destablizes the Caucuses
1991: Cross-border invasion leads to swift defeat at the hands of American and allied troops
1993-2006: Treaty resolves 1600-km border between Lake Chad and the Gulf of Guinea; but Boko Haram incursions threaten to destablize
1998-2000: Extended conflict over disputed territory of Badme
1998-2008: War for independence leads to the creation of the youngest of the Balkan states
2003-present: Darfur War displaces 200,000 refugees
2003-present: Threat posed by Houthi rebels causes a wealthy kingdom to fortify its border with its poor southern neighbor
2007-2011: Taliban control of the Khyber Pass hampers US and NATO war efforts in central Asia
2008-2011: Military occupation of disputed area surrounding the Preah Vihear Temple
2008: Military attacks against FARC rebels
2008: Separatists in South Ossetia and Abkhazia prevail in six-day war backed by powerful neighbor
2012: Heglig Crisis leads to war involving the world's newest country
2014-present: Over 2 million refugees flee northward from civil war and ISIS infiltration
2014-present: Self-proclaimed 'Donetsk People's Republic' declares independence

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