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Can you name the modern countries that are coterritorial with these AD 800 descriptions?

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HintAnswerType of society
Arctic marine mammal huntershunter-gatherers
Abbasid Caliphateempire (some countries excluded, answer too long)
Asturiasstate society
Maya city-statesstate societies
Magyarsnomadic pastoralists
San hunter-gatherershunter-gatherers
Mogollon culturesimple farming societies
plateau fishers and hunter-gatherershunter-gatherers
Slavscomplex farming societies (some countries excluded, answer too long)
Japanstate society
farming replacing hunter-gathering (South America)simple farming societies
desert hunter-gatherers (North America)hunter-gatherers
Toltec Empireempire
eastern woodland hunter-gatherers and cultivatorssimple farming societies
Ainu hunter gatherershunter-gatherers
minor Hindu and Buddhist states state societies
camel nomadsnomadic pastoralists
Makkurastate society
Alwastate society
shellfish gatherers and marine mammal hunters (South America)hunter-gatherers
HintAnswerType of society
Volga Bulgarsnomadic pastoralists
pampas hunter-gatherershunter-gatherers
Srivijaya Empireempire
Khazarsnomadic pastoralists
Umayyad Caliphateempire
Khitansnomadic pastoralists
Mississippian temple mound builderssimple farming societies
Polynesianssimple farming societies
Khoisan herderssimple farming societies
Mesoamerican city-statesstate societies
Melanesianssimple farming societies
Tibetan Empireempire
west coast foraging, hunting, and fishing peopleshunter-gatherers
Danube Bulgarsnomadic pastoralists
Sillastate society
West African chiefdomscomplex farming societies (some countries excluded, answer too long)
Anglo-Saxon kingdomsstate societies
Malagasysimple farming societies
Hohokam culturesimple farming societies
manioc farmerssimple farming societies
Gurjara-Pratiharastate society
Nan Chaostate society
HintAnswerType of society
Mon statestate society
Parhaestate society
Amazonian chiefdomscomplex farming societies
Micronesianssimple farming societies
Axumstate society
Tiahuanaco Empireempire
Byzantine Empireempire
north Andean chiefdomscomplex farming societies
Pyu statestate society
Huari Empireempire
Idrisid Caliphateempire
Bantu-speaking herders, farmers, forest farmerssimple farming societies (some countries excluded, answer too long)
Samoyed reindeer herdersnomadic pastoralists
Rashtrakuta statestate society
Carolingian Empireempire (some countries excluded, answer too long)
Austronesianssimple farming societies
plains bison huntershunter-gatherers
Burmesecomplex farming societies
Arctic marine mammal huntershunter-gatherers
Pandya statestate society
Celtic kingdomsstate societies
HintAnswerType of society
Pallava statestate society
Mataramstate society
Sinhalese kingdomsstate societies
Finnscomplex farming societies
Tang Empireempire
savanna hunter-gatherers (South America)hunter-gatherers
sub-Arctic forest hunter-gatherershunter-gatherers
Ghanastate society
Baltscomplex farming societies
Thaiscomplex farming societies
Anasazi culturesimple farming societies
pastoral nomads (Africa)nomadic pastoralists
Dvaravatistate society
Turkic nomadsnomadic pastoralists
Monte Alban (Zapotecs)state society
Siberian hunter-gathererershunter-gatherers
Lombard duchiesstate societies
Scandinavianscomplex farming societies
Tungusic and Yakut reindeer herdersnomadic pastoralists
Hindu statesstate societies
maize farmerssimple farming societies
Aghlabid Emiratestate society

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