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How many stories did 'the kid' bounce the bouncy ball
Who was jar's first gf?
What does jar call his sister
They are clapping like its...?
How many career points did jar get in basketball
Where did jar look for his missing baseball glove
what did shiloh put on his car the night before he left for college
what is katie boivins nickname according to jar
What was jar doing when shiloh scored a goal in hockey on him
How much money did jar pay jessie hampson to flash him
What did jar wear around his waste as a belt when walking home from corey bryars
What did jar do after chuggin a beer in the sink
What halo game mode were we playing when jar infamously 'quiiiitee gammmee'
How many tickets did jar get in his first traffic stop
what is jars backpack
who elbow dropped jars car
what inatimate object did jar once fight
Who did jar think liked him instead of satchel
What rappers shoes did jar sport during his first year at college
What did jar once light while smoking wacky tabbacky
'I didn't come here to get my shoes......'
who stole Jar's ipod
what is the name of Jar's new friend he met at bath village school during tennisball
who did jar think had more wiffleball homeruns than satchel
what did jar do before punching brandon
what is jar's favorite song
Jar's dream town
what was jar doing while pitching in the last tennisball game
what type of people does jar hate in halo

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