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1789-95George Washington
1795-00George Washington/John Adams
1801John Adams/Thomas Jefferson
1801-14Thomas Jefferson/James Madison
1814James Madison
1814-16James Madison
1816-25James Madison/James Monroe
1825-29John Quincy Adams
1829-31Andrew Jackson
1831-33Andrew Jackson
1833Andrew Jackson
1833-34Andrew Jackson
1834-41Andrew Jackson/Martin Van Buren
1841William Henry Harrison/John Tyler
1841-43John Tyler
1843-44John Tyler
1844-45John Tyler
1845-49James K. Polk
1849-50Zachary Taylor
1850-53Millard Fillmore
1853-57Franklin Pierce
1857-60James Buchanan
1860-61James Buchanan
1861James Buchanan
1861-64Abraham Lincoln
1864-65Abraham Lincoln
1865-69Abraham Lincoln/Andrew Johnson
1869-73Ulysses S. Grant
1873-64Ulysses S. Grant
1874-76Ulysses S. Grant
1876-77Ulysses S. Grant
1877-81Rutherford B. Hayes
1881James A. Garfield/Chester A. Arthur
1881-84Chester A. Arthur
1884Chester A. Arthur
1884-85Chester A. Arthur
1885-87Grover Cleveland
1887-89Grover Cleveland
1889-91Benjamin Harrison
1891-93Benjamin Harrison
1893-97Grover Cleveland
1897-02William McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt
1902-07Theodore Roosevelt
1907-09Theodore Roosevelt
1909-13William Howard Taft
1913-18Woodrow Wilson
1918-20Woodrow Wilson
1920-21Woodrow Wilson
1921-32Warren G. Harding/Calvin Coolidge/Herbert Hoover
1932-33Herbert Hoover
1933Franklin D. Roosevelt
1934-45Franklin D. Roosevelt/Harry S Truman
1945-46Harry S Truman
1946-53Harry S Truman
1953-57Dwight D. Eisenhower
1957-61Dwight D. Eisenhower
1961-65John F. Kennedy/Lyndon B. Johnson
1965-68Lyndon B. Johnson
1968-69Lyndon B. Johnson
1969-71Richard M. Nixon
1971-72Richard M. Nixon
1972-74Richard M. Nixon
1974-77Richard M. Nixon/Gerald R. Ford
1977-79Jimmy Carter
1979-81Jimmy Carter
1981-85Ronald Reagan
1985-88Ronald Reagan
1988-93Ronald Reagan/George H. W. Bush
1993-94Bill Clinton
1995-99Bill Clinton
1999-01Bill Clinton
2001-02George W. Bush
2003-06George W. Bush
2006-09George W. Bush
2009-13Barack Obama
2013-17Barack Obama
2017-Donald J. Trump

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