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Literal NameActual Name
For the Nativity I Alone Desire Only Thou
For the Nativity I Alone Desire Only a Pair of My Incisors
Cherubim That All of Us Did Lend Our Ears To Upon Elevated Ground
Distantly in a Feedbox
Azure Yuletide
Canticle of the Chimes
Yuletide, Do Not Be Tardy
Chinquapins Incinerating Atop an Unsealed Blaze
The Season of Festivities Has Arrived
Adorn the Lobbies
Where Are You, Santa Claus? (Translate into Spanish)
The Primary Yule
Frigid the Male Composed of Frozen Water
Move Out and Speak of It on the Peak
Yahweh, Put Into a Slumber the Vivacious Male Humans
Benevolent Majesty Wenceslas
My Maternal Forebear Was Massacred By a Caribou
Literal NameActual Name
Pay Attention! The Messenger Seraphim Chant
Father Christmas Draws Near
A Berry-Bushed, Jocund Noël
I Witnessed a Maternal Figure Osculating with Saint Nicholas
It Is Soon Going to Appear to Closely Resemble Yuletide
It Is the Most Astounding Hour of the Period
Clink Tolls
Ring Chime Stone
Ecstacy to the Microcosm
The Latter Yuletide
Permit Precipitation in a Frozen Form
The Microscopic Beat Youth
Diminutive Santa Claus
Oh Advance, Oh Advance Messiah
Oh, Yuletide Timber
Oh, Advance, You Unwavering
Oh Pietistic Witching Hour
Literal NameActual Name
Oh Miniscule Village of Beit Lahm
I Implore That You Return to The Dwelling Place For the Yuletide
Oscillating the Circumference of the Yuletide Sapling
Rudolfo, the Maroon-Snouted Caribou
Saint Nick Bambino
Kriss Kringle Is Approaching the Metropolis
Mute Eventide
Lustrous Gongs
Toboggan Excursion
The Duodecimal 24-Hours of Navidad
We Desire That You Will Possess a Jovial Yuletide
We, a Trio of Royalties of Direction Are
What Whippersnapper Is This?
Pale Nativity
Paradise of Spring's Eve
You Are a Cruel Individual, Señor Killjoy

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