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Year of DeathNameType of Death/Location
March 19, 1982Plane Crash/Leesburg, Florida
December 8, 2004Murdered by gunshot on stage/Columbus, Ohio
June 2, 2008Heart failure/Archer, Florida
August 27, 1990Helicopter Crash/East Troy, Wisconsin
September 18,1970Asphyxiation on vomit/London, England
October 29, 1971Motorcycle accident/Macon, Georgia
March 3, 2012Prostate cancer/San Francisco Ca
April 5, 1994Suicide by Shotgun/Seattle, Washington
September 27, 1986Bus accident/Ljungby,Sweden
April 30, 1983Heart attack/ Westmont, Illinois
July 7, 2006Pancreatic cancer/Cambridge, England

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