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What is Claire's middle name?
What is the address of the Glass House?
In which book does Claire turn 17? (You need the name of the book)
Who kills Brandon?
What did Michael refer the Glass House as on the answering machine message in 'Glass Houses'
What's the Cab Drivers name?
What is the name of the Former Marine who, later on, is the Chief of Police?
What is Captain Obvious' newspaper called?
What does Claire give Monica that ends her up in hospital?
What colour are Michael's eyes?
What is Book Seven called?
What is the name of the Computer who tries to kill Claire and Myrnin?
What type of slippers do Myrnin have?
What is the name of the ring that Shane gives Claire in 'Kiss of Death'
In 'Kiss Of Death' what town does Oliver make them stop at?
What does Claire go as to the Masked Ball for Bishop?

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