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Marked by effortless grace (adjective)The ______ girl was a great gymnast
Excessively high (adjective)The modern house seemed very _______ to the old couple
To reprove firmly but not harshly (verb)The teacher _________ the students for cheating
Allowing light to pass through, but not completely see through (adjective)The drawing paper was oddly __________.
Lacking useful vegetation (adjective)The _________ wasteland of the desert is bad for growing anything but cacti.
Lacking moisture (adjective)Deserts can be very, very _______ in the summer.
An idiosyncrasy (noun)She has the odd _________ of blinking rapidly as she was talking.
A person who betrays or abandons his cause (noun)The _________ was a spy sent from the Nazis into the US Army during WWII.
To pass inconspicuously into enemy held areas (verb)The Russians _________ the Nazi Germany border.
To declare invalid (verb)The judge _________ the custody agreement.

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