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Hogwarts Houses
Crotchety Caretaker and Squib 
Minister of Magic at the end of the series 
Main Character 
Harry's best friend 
Smart member of the brave trio 
Strangest member of Dumbledore's Army 
Forgetful character who killed Nagini 
Jokester twins 
Youngest Weasley 
Harry's Godfather, Padfoot 
(Moony), Werewolf 
Harry's mother 
Lily's husband 
Hogwarts' best headmaster 
Always wanted the defense against the dark arts position 
Beat out by Ron for the Keeper position 
Ron's first snog 
Half-Blood in Harry's year, also snogged Ginny 
Twin's best friend, Quidditch commentator 
Owner of Hogs Head 
Loveable half giant 
Characters 2
Potions Professor in the sixth year 
Transfigurations Proffesor 
Found in an orphanage 
Split his soul into 7 pieces 
Harry's first crush 
Famous Quidditch Seeker 
Killed in the graveyard by Wormtail 
Tiny Charms Professor 
Beauxbaton's Tri Wizard Tournament competior 
Assigned by Voldemort to kill Dumbledore 
Voldemort's right hand woman 
Gave Tom Riddle's Diary to Ginny Weasley 
Self obsessed Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor 
Heals the injured of Hogwarts 
Referee of Quidditch games 
Small Toad like woman, Headmaster in year 5 
Herbology Professor 
Centaur, Divinitation Professor  
Truth twisting reporter 
Minister of Magic for books 1-5 
Metamorphmagus member of the Order of the Pheonix 
Creatures and Animals
Former house elf of the Malfoy's 
House elf of the Black's 
Giant Acromantula friend of Hagrid 
Hagrid's trusty dog 
Giant Serpent in the Chamber of Secrets 
Voldemort's Serpent 
Main Character's owl 
Hagrid's Hippogriff 
Filch's cat 
Giant creatures only seen by those who have witnesses death 
Neville's Toad 
Ron's Rat 
Hermoine's Cat, out to get Ron's Rat 
Deathly Kiss 
Barty Crouch's ex house elf 
Three Headed Dog 
Deathly Hallows
'Death Stick' 
Given to the Harry, previously his Fathers 
Brings back the dead...Well kind of 
Book Titles
First Book 
Second Book 
Third Book 
Fourth Book 
Fifth Book 
Sixth Book 
Final Book 
Possessed Ginny 
Cursed Dumbledore's hand 
Given to Kreacher, stolen by Mundungus Fletcher 
Stolen out of Gringotts 
Found in Room of Requirement 
Killed by Neville 
Accidental Horcrux 
Collect the cards inside 
'George swore he got a bogey flavor one once' 
Edible Wand 
Good pastries around Halloween time 
Quidditch Positions
Goes for the Snitch 
Protects the 3 hoops 
Fred and George's Positions 
Try to score 
Wizard Terms
Non Magic folk 
Foul term used to describe unpure Wizards 
Coming from an all Wizard Family 
Filch is one of these 
Unlocks things 
Summoning Charm 
Killing Curse 
Used to torture Neville's parents 
Harry Potter's is a Stag 
Disarming Charm 
Unforgiveable Curse, takes control of others 
Provides Light 
Levetating Spell 
House Ghosts
Gryffindor House Ghost 
Slytherin House Ghost 
Hufflepuff House Ghost 
Ravenclaw House Ghost 
Ron's Prefect present 
Harry's first broom 
Draco bought his way on to the team with these 
Mysteriously sent to Harry by owl 
Places in Hogsmeade
Joke Shop 
Sweets shop 
Where they all go to get butterbeer 
Where the first DA meeting was held 
Harry Potter and Cho Chang's first date 
Snake Language 
Place where Moony went to transform 
Platform to board the train 
What McGonagall transforms in to 
Planted in Lupin's first year to block the passage to the Shrieng Shack 
Special map of Hogwarts 
Harry Potter's Birthday 
Home of the Basilisk 
Used to destroy Slytherin's Locket 
Turned Hermoine in to a cat 
Gives you eternal life 
Competition of the bravest students from each school 
Shape of Harry's scar 
Room where things are hidden 
Group of rebel students taught defense against the dark arts by Harry 
Things Guarding the Sorcerer's Stone
Guarding the trap door 
Just relax 
Hop on your broom 
'There's a __ in the dungeon!' 
Must solve the riddle and choose the right __ 
Knight to E5 
Only those who seek it for good may obtain the stone 
Challenges in the Triwizard Tournament
Get the golden egg 
Come and seek us where our voices sound 
The cup lies deep within 
Hogwart's Subjects
Mandrake Root 
Taught by a Ghost 
Turn the teacup into a mouse 
Wingardium Leviosa 
Gaze into the crystal ball 
Even put a stopper to death 
Position is jynxed 
Look into the stars 
Crack the code 
Blast-Ended Skrewts! 
Madam Hooch 
Can you tell me the exact fuction of a rubber duck? 

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