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Can you name the Name the Arnold movie by the quote?

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I'll be back
I'm the famous comedian, Arnold Brownschwagger
You're a funny guy Sully, I like you...that's why I'm going to kill you last
The promise I was kingdomed
My nipples hurt!!
I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle
General, my team always works alone, you know this
I'm always cumming!!!
I saved a life today, what the hell did you do?!?!?
You think I'm the real quade? HAHAHA!!! I AM!!!!
Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
I told him I was picking up my son!
I'm not a pervert!! I was just looking for Turbo Man Doll!!
It's going to happen tonight, on your docks!
To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women
How can bullshit walk?
Well, you see, this is the problem with terrorists. They're really inconsiderate when it comes to people's schedules
You're not sending me to the cooler!

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