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Can you name the Yoda facts and quotes?

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Forced Order
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'No. Try not. _______. There is no try'5
(Luke)'I'm not afraid' (Yoda)'______'5
'Fear is the path to ______'1
'Fear leads to xxxxx, ________, xxxxx leads to suffering'1
'Hard to see, _____ is'1
'A Jedi uses the force for _________, never for attack'5
'Looking? ______ you have, I would say, hmmm?'5
'Around the survivors, a ________?2
'Great Warrior. Wars not ______'5
(Obi Wan) 'That boy is our last hope' (Yoda) 'No. __________'5
What colour is his lightsaber?All of them (even though 5 and 6 he doesn't have it)
Which planet did he go hiding on?3
Who did he duel with in Episode II?2
When he first met Luke in Episode V he said he would take him to Yoda, but what did he want to do first?5
What rank of Jedi is he?All of them
On which planet did he save Mace, Obi Wan, Anakin, Padme and other characters from being killed by battle droids?2
Which actor does the voiceover for him?All of them
Who did he duel with when he lost his lightsaber?3
Who did he embarrass in front of the younglings for losing a planet?2
In which place did he die out of all the Jedi (i.e. First, second, penultimate, last etc.)? N.B. this insn't including Anakin.6

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