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Can you name the Princess Leia facts and quoted?

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Forced Order
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'Why, you stuck-up, ____________ Nerf herder!'5
'Governor Tarkin, I recognised ________ when I was brought on board.'4
'Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're _______'4
'Aren't you ________ for a stormtrooper?'4
'I guess you do not ________ women'5
'Luke! Dont, it's ______!!!!!!!!'5
'Some day you're _______ I just hope I'm there to see it.'5
(Solo)'I love you.' (Leia)'_____'6
'Darth Vader. Only you could be ______'4
'Look. It's a hat. It's _______'6
Which creatures found her on Endor and looked after her?6
Who was she forced to strip by when she was known as slave leia?6
What was the name of her home planet?4
Which actress plays her?All of them
Her surname was Skywalker, until she was adopted by Bail. What was her surname then?3
Who would she rather kiss than Han Solo?5
She decribes Chewbacca as a walking what?4
Where does she make them go to stop the stormtroopers from getting them in the cell blocks?4
Who did Han Solo tell to take care of her?5
Who does she fall in love with in the very end?6

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