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Highest RankNameActor/Actress
PCRonnie Cush
PCCarl Brincat
Ch SuptCyril Nri
DCTom Cotcher
DSAndrew Mackintosh
SgtLarry Dann
DIGed Simmons
DCKevin Lloyd
SuptSerena Gordon
PCNatalie J. Robb
InspColin Tarrant
PCAbhin Galeya
PCJonathan Dow
PC.Michar Balfour
PCBen Peyton
PCLouisa Lytton
PCBen Lee
SgtEric Richard
DCPal Aron
InspSimon Slater
SgtSam Callis
PCDaniel MacPherson
PCSuzanne Maddock
PCConnie Hyde
PCLynne Miller
Ch SuptPeter Ellis
DIShaun Scott
InspBarbara Thorn
PCKelly Lawrence
DIClara Salaman
PCSOTim Steed
SgtHywel Simons
InspAlex Walkinshaw
PCChris Jarvis
PCSonesh Sira
DCKarl Collins
DSMartin Marquez
PCGary Olsen
PCAndrew Paul
CAD OfficerLuke Hamill
PCAndrea Mason
DSNatalie Roles
PCNatasha Williams
Ch InspBen Roberts
PCPaul Usher
PCJane Wall
SgtKaye Wragg
DSBill Murray
PCLouise Harrison
DCGeorge Rossi
CSE.Jason Barnett
PCMichael Higgs
PCMelanie Gutteridge
DCDiane Parish
PCColin Blumenau
DCIChristopher Ellison
PCTodd Carty
PCClive Wedderburn
Highest RankNameActor/Actress
DCCiaran Griffiths
PCJane Danson
DSRay Ashcroft
PCHuw Higginson
DACKazia Pelka
InspRoberta Taylor
DCIClive Wood
DCAmita Dhiri
Ch SuptNick Miles
DIGary Whelan
PCKim Tiddy
Ch SuptJohn McArdle
SuptSimon Rouse
DCPatrick Robinson
PCLolita Chakrabarti
SgtLiz Crowther
DSMark Wingett
SgtSally Rogers
DSMary Jo Randle
DSRussell Boulter
SuptDaniel Flynn
SgtSam Miller
CPS LawyerLarry Lamb
SgtRoland Oliver
SRONick Patrick
DCRae Baker
SgtTrudie Goodwin
DCRussell Floyd
PCMark Powley
DCJoy Brook
PCBeth Cordingly
DCICarolyn Pickles
PC.Sarah Manners
PCOfo Uhiara
PCMelanie Kilburn
PCSeema Bowri
PC.Dominic Power
PCAml Ameen
CommanderJulie Graham
DCLibby Davison
CSESiobhan Redmond
PCEamonn Walker
SROVickie Gates
StCh. Supt.Susan Majorlier
CPS LawyerMark Dexter
SgtTony O'Callaghan
DSChristopher Fox
PC.Rhea Bailey
DoPAJo Anne Knowles
DCChris Simmons
PCStephen Beckett
PCClare Foster
PCBen Richards
DIAndrew Lancel
PCRené Zagger
PCChris Walker
PCAlan Westaway
SgtGillian Taylforth
Highest RankNameActor/Actress
PCSeeta Indrani
DCGary Grant
Ch InspMark Spalding
PCRalph Brown
PCNick Reding
DSScott Maslen
PCColin Alldridge
Ch InspPhilip Whitchurch
PCLisa Geoghan
CSPAmanda Abbington
InspClaire Goose
DSThusitha Jayasundera
SgtRobert Perkins
PCJeff Stewart
PCChris Humphreys
DCBrian Bovell
SROMoya Brady
PCAshley Gunstock
DROAnna Acton
DCIain Fletcher
PC.John Bowler
PCNick Stringer
PCCaroline Catz
DCITanya Franks
DIJohn Salthouse
PCHolly Davidson
PCNicola Alexis
PCAli Bastian
DIJaye Griffiths
PCMatthew Crompton
DILisa Maxwell
PCBernie Nolan
PCJames Lloyd
PCTom Butcher
DSLucy Speed
SgtSteve Morley
DSDoug Rao
PCVicky Gee-Dare
DCKerry Peers
DCWendy Kweh
DSTony Scannell
SCAlex Avery
DCBruce Byron
PCMark Haddigan
DCVic Gallucci
SuptSteven Hartley
SgtRoger Leach
DCGregory Donaldson
PCRobert Hudson
PCGraham Cole
PCSamantha Robson
DSRaji James
DCNula Conwell
DCGary Lucy
PCMichele Austin
DCTJ Ramini

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