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Can you name the Qui Gon Jinn facts and quotes?

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Forced Order
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All the episodes are going to be 1. 'He is ______. You must see it'
(Using a Jedi mind trick) 'The ______ will work'
(Jar Jar)'Meesa your humble servant' (Qui Gon) 'Oh but that _________'
(Anakin) 'no one can kill a Jedi' (Qui Gon)'I wish _________'
'May the force __________'
(When he is dying)'Obi Wan, promise me you'll _________'
(When he is in the bongo underwater)'There's always a _______'
'It would be no different if we landed on a ship controlled by the trade federation. But the Hutts aren't looking for her which ________'
(When Darth Maul intercepts them) (Qui Gon)'We'll ______' (Padme)'We'll take the long way.'
'Do you hear that? That is the sound of __________ headed this way.'
What colour is his lightsaber?
What was the name of the guy he made a bet with that Anakin would win the Podrace?
Who killed him?
What was the name of the gungan city he swam to?
Who's life did he save from being run over by battle droid carriers?
What was the name of the droid that served him and Obi Wan when they were ambassadors?
Who used his lightsaber to finish off the fight?
Which actor plays him?
What was he looking for at Mos Espa?
What was the name of Anakin's main opponent at the podrace Qui Gon watched?

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