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QUIZ: Can you name the Luke Skywalker Facts and Quotes?

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Forced Order
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'I'm Luke Skywalker; I'm here to _______'4
'He told me enough! He told me _______'5
'I am a jedi like ________'6
'I can't _____ in this helmet'4
'Shut down all the ____________ on the detention level!'4
'3PO, tell them if they don't do as you wish, you'll ________and use your magic.'6
'I warn you not to __________ my power.'6
'I get the feeling likeā€¦Like we're _________'5
'Wedge, I've lost ________ you'll have to talke this shot'5
'Not unless you can alter time, speed up the harvest or _________ this rock.'4
What kind of creature nearly ate him for dinner on Hoth?5
What did the man at the bar think of luke? He ________4
Who is his sister?All the time
What was the name of the space station he destroyed?4
What was the name of his mother?3
What creature hit him on the head before getting scared off by obi wan?4
Which actor plays Luke Skywalker?All of them
Who is his master in episode V?5
What does he get called by C3PO?All the time
What colour is his lightsaber in episode VI?6

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