Darth Vader/Anakin: Do You Really Know Him?

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Can you name the Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader facts and quotes?

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'No, Luke. I________'5
'Qui Gon told me to stay_______, so that's what I'm gonna do?1
'Luke, help me take ______ off'6
(To Padme) 'I thought that we had decided not _____'2
'I find your ______ disturbing'4
'Who hired you? Tell us. _______'2
'Your powers are ____, old man'4
(Obi Wan) 'What do you think Padme would do with she in your position?' (Anakin) 'She would ______'2
'The force is with you, young Skywalker. But you are ______ yet'5
'Are you an angel? They're the most __________ in the universe.'1
Which actor acted Darth Vader?4, 5 and 6
Who did Anakin kill at the beginning of Episode III?3
What was the name of the huge ship the Darth Vader stayed on?5
Which actor played Anakin in Episodes II and III?2 and 3
Which actor does the voiceover for Darth Vader?4, 5 and 6
What is the name of Anakin's wife?(2 and) 3
What part of Luke's body did he chop off?5
Which actor played Anakin in Episode I?1
On which planet did Darth Vader first fight Luke?5
What was the name of Anakin's mother?1

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