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QUIZ: Can you name the C3PO facts and quotes?

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Forced Order
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In which episode did he get shot and have to be carried on the back of chewbacca?No cheating
Who manufactured him originally?1
Who is his best friend?4, 5, and 6
Who did he think were 'disgusting creatures'?4
Who was Chewbacca strangling when C3PO told him to trust this person?5
Who does he describe as an 'Impossible man'?5
What colour is he in episode 2?2
Which actor plays C3PO?All the time
What type of droid is he?All the time
Who bought him?4
'I do believe they think i am______'6
'I am fluent in over_____ forms of communication'All the time
'They've encased him in carbonite. He shall be _________, if he survived the freezing process that is.'5
'This signal is not used by the Alliance; it could be an _______'5
'R2 says that the ______ out there are 725 to 1'5
'No more adventures. I'm _____'4
'I'm rather embarrassed, General Solo, but it appears that you are to be the ____________ in my honor.'6
'Hello. I am C3PO, ________ relations'All the time
'The possibility of successfully ___________ is approximately 3720 to 1!'5
'Sir, it's quite possible this asteroid is not _______________'5

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