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Who always has a 'cunning plan' in Blackadder?
In Monty Python what did they do self-defense against?
'Don't mention the war!' Which series is this?
Can you spell captain george _______'s name?
Who dipped sticks into marmite and served them as twiglets?
Who stayed in a hotel room where there was a hole in the floor?
What is your name? Don't tell him, Pike! Who was Pike singing about in the first place?
How many O's did he want in four candles?
Only fools and what?
Who was officially the biggest liar to have ever lived. it said he rewrote history
Who played melchet?
I'm playing all the right notes;just not necessarilly the right _______.
What did Mr Bean serve vinegar and sugar as?
What saved the homeguard from a bomb falling out of the telephone wires?
Who did Cpl. Jones marry in the end?

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