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Can you name the R2D2 facts?

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Forced Order
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I cannot have any quotes in this quiz so I have twice as many questions. Who is his best friend?4, 5 and 6
What type of droid is he?All the time
What colour is he? He is white and what?All the time
What kind of fighter did he sit in the back of when he helped Luke Skywalker?4
On which planet did he first meet C3PO?1
Which actor plays him?All the time
On which planet did he nearly get eaten by a swamp creature?5
What kind of droid did he set on fire in Episode III? There were two of them by the way!3
Who was he officially thanked by when he saved the ship in Episode I?1
Who left a message inside him for Obi Wan Kenobi?4
When he was in Anakin's Jedi Starfighter, and R4P17's head got ripped off, what kind of droid was he attacking3
Who is the only character that can understand him ands acts as a translator?All the time
When he put C3PO's head back on him, C3PO said he had had the strangest what?2
In which episode did he used jets to fly?No cheating
Who was his master with C3PO just before they were bought by Luke Skywalker4
Which creatures captured him on Tatooine?4
Who did he assist in a Naboo Starfighter when this person destroys the droid control ship?1
Who played him in Family Guy?Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Dark Side and It's A Trap
On Jabba's ship on Tatooine what was R2D2 doing when Luke and Han were going to be eaten by the Sarlacc?6
What did throw to Luke just before Luke Jumped?6

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