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Can you name the Chewbacca facts?

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Forced Order
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I cannot have any quotes in this quiz so I have twice as many questions. What breed is he?All of them
Who is his 'partner in crime' and also his best friend?All of them
Who did he hug when this person said goodbye to him?5
What are wookies known to do to people when they lose?4
What weapon does her have?All of them
With which creatures did he capture an imperial AT-ST (small imperial walker)?6
Who did he have to carry on his back?5
In what way, when he tried to fix this person, did he do it wrong?5
Which actor plays him?All of them
Which planet was he from?3
Which Jedi master did he defend on this planet3
When Han Solo was about to get frozen in Carbonite, who did he tell Chewbacca to take care of?5
Which ship is he the co-pilot of?4, 5 and 6
How many episodes is he in?No cheating
Who plays him in Family Guy?Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Dark Side and It's A Trap
What is his nickname?4, 5 and 6
When he laughed at Han Solo, Han said 'Laugh it up, ____'5
Where was he kept prisoner?6
What did Han tell him to do but not to look like he was doing it?6
Who did he hug when Han and Luke destroyed the TIE fighters?4

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