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Best friend of the protagonist
What is he?
Protagonist's best female friend/ girlfriend
Older blonde camper, traitor
Daughter of Ares
Daughter of Aprhodite
Son of Hephaestus
Son of Hermes
Son of Hermes
Son of Hermes, Clarisse's boyfriend
Son of Hades
Daughter of Hades
Daughter of Zeus, Hunter
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo
Son of Athena, second in command to Annabeth
Daughter of Demeter
Son of Hephaestus
Son of Dionysus
Son of Dionysus
Cabin #1
Cabin #2
Cabin #3
Cabin #4
Cabin #5
Cabin #6
Cabin #7
Cabin #8
Cabin #9
Cabin #10
Cabin #11
Cabin #12
King of the Titans
General of the Titans, held up the earth
Titan of Light, the East
Titan of Forethought
Titan of Constellations, Ram head
Lord of the Underworld
His wife
Goddess of the Hearth
Goddess of the Rainbow
God of the Wild
Goddess of Revenge
Three Goddesses of the Future
Nine Goddesses of Music
Torturers in the Underworld (3)
Daughter of Atlas, Ogygia
Daughter of Atlas, Hunter
Percy's pen
Thalia's bracelet/ shield
Luke's sword
Food of the Gods
Drink of the Gods
Golden coins
The coat of a sheep, special
Hades's 'Hat'
Zeus's Weapon
Used to call Mrs. O'Leary
Half Horse, Half Human
Giant Three Headed Dog, Guardian of the Underworld
Monster that sucks up the Sea
Part lion, Part snake, Part goat creature
The mother of all monsters
Dogs that live in the Underworld
Half horse, Half fish
Many headed snake
Ancient monster, in Alcatraz
Flying Horses
Monsters that sing
Riddling beast
Covered in eyes
Water spirits
Tree spirits
Old Man of the Sea
One eyed Monsters
Percy's Mother
Percy's first stepfather
Percy's second stepfather
Mortal who can see through the Mist
Luke's mother
Percy's cyclops half-brother
What is the name of the camp for demigods?
Who lives on the fourth story of the Big House?
Who is Quintus?
What is the most popular game at Camp?
What camp activity features lava?
How many cabins are there (before book 5)?
Who is the camp Trainer?
Where is Camp Half-blood located?
Book One
Book Two
Book Three
Book Four
Book Five
What is Percy's birthday?
What is the Command for the flying shoes?
What team does Annabeth's cap have?
What was Poseidon's gift to Percy on his 15 birthday?
What color are the Camp Half-Blood t-shirts?
What is the name of Percy's pegasus?
What game is Nico obsessed with?
What group is Zoe Nightshade associated with?
What color does Apollo's cabin glow?
What color does Artemis's cabin glow?
What is the collective nickname for Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades?

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