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Forced Order
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Ki Barrier / Stand United
Dread / Crowstorm
Iron Ambassador / Keeper's Verdict
Way of the Wanderer / Last Breath
Salvation / Wish
Clean Cuts / Featherstorm
Harrier / Between Enemy Lines
King's Tribute / Subjugate
Aegis Protection / Grand Skyfall
Night Hunter / Final Hour
Unseen Threat / Void Assault
Hemorrhage / Noxian Guillotine
Carrion Renewal / Ravenous Flock
Void Shift / Nether Grasp
Duelist's Dance / Grand Challenge
Bravado / Cosmic Radiance
Visionary / Absolute Zero
Short Fuse / Mega Inferno Bomb
Rising Spell Force / Trueshot Barrage
Hextech Capacitor / Mercury Cannon - Mercury Hammer
Mana Surge / Rite of the Arcane
Z-Drive Resonance / Chronobreak
Mark of the Storm / Slicing Maelstorm
Backstab / Hallucinate
Essence Theft / Spirit Rush
Sunlight / Solar Flare
Marial Cadence / Cataclysm
Frost / Glacial Prison
Damnation / The Box
Power Chord / Crescendo
Glory in Death / Unstoppable Onslaught
Twin Disciples / Shadow Dance
Reign of Anger / Dominus
Voracity / Death Lotus
Sap Magic / Vengeful Maelstrom
Umbra Blades / Paranoia
Lightslinger / The Culling
Phenomenal Evil Power / Primordial Burst
Fey Feathers / The Quickness
Adrenaline Rush / Sadism
League of - / Whirling Death
Frost Shot / Enchanted Crystal Arrow
Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter / Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
Living Vengeance / Chains of Corruption
Spiked Shield / Tremors
Garden of Thorns / Stranglethorns
Carnivore / Feast
Techmaturgical Repair Bots / UPGRADE!!!
Berserker Rage / Ragnarok
Contempt for the Weak / Death Mark
Colossal Smash / Hero's Entrance
Deadly Venom / Spray and Pray
Traveler's Call / Tempered Fate
An Acquired Taste / Abyssal Voyage
Holy Fervor / Intervention
Icathian Surprise / Living Artillary
Pix, Faery Companion / Wild Growth
Organic Deconstruction / Life Desintegration Ray
Void Stone / Riftwalk
Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard / Chaaaaaaaarge!!!
Whisper / Curtain Call
Iron Man / Children of the Grave
Blaze / Pyroclasm
Warpath / Onslaught of Shadows
Draw a Bead / Buster Shot
Soul Siphon / Soul Shackles
Unholy Covenant / Omen of Death
Center of the Universe / Voice of Light
Surging Tides / Tidal Wave
Adaptive Defense / The Hextech Ultimatum
Shurima's Legacy / Emperor's Divide
Gathering Fire / Mantra
Rock Surfing / Weaver's Wall
Flurry / Dragon's Rage
Blast Shield / Assault and Battery
New Destiny / Collateral Damage
Staggering Blow / Depth Charge
Runic Blade / Blade of the Exile
Empowered Bulwark / Insanity Potion
Time in a Bottle / Rewind
Friend of the Forest / DAISY!
Chosen of the Storm / Thunder Claws
Serpentine Grace / Petrifying Gaze
Crimson Pact / Hemoplague
Dragonborn / Dragon's Descent
Spider Queen / Spider Form
Concussive Blows / Glacial Fissure
Perseverance / Demacian Justice
Unseen Predator / Thrill of the Hunt
Granite Shield / Unstoppable Force
Moonsilver Blade / Lunar Rush
Headshot / Ace in the Hole
Illumination / Final Spark
Death Defied / Requiem
Get Excited / Super Mega Death Rocket
Happy Hour / Explosive Cask
Eternal Thirst / Infinite Duress
Relentless Assault / Grandmaster's Might
Transcendent / Unleashed Power
Blood Well / Massacre
Soul Eater / Fury of the Sands
Battle Fury / Undying Rage
Mana Barrier / Static Field
Mark of the - / Lamb's Respite
Stone Skin / Cyclone
Trial by Fire / Cannon Barrage
Nimble Fighter / Chum the Waters
Loaded Dice / Destiny
Prophet of an Elder God / Leap of Faith
Love Tap / Bullet Time
Cell Division / Let's Bounce!
Clockwork Windup / Command: Shockwave
Challenge / Crescent Sweep
Camouflage / Noxious Trap
Pyromania / Summon: Tibbers
Mercy / Shadow Assault
Tailwind / Monsoon
Mirror Image / Mimic
Hextech Munitions / Missile Barrage
Fleet of Foot / On the Hunt
Trample / Unbreakable Will
Arcane Mastery / Realm Warp
Junkyard Titan / The Equalizer
Ioanian Fervor / Transcendent Blades
Iceborn / Frozen Tomb
Rebirth / Glacial Storm
Martial Poise / Fate's Call
Cursed Touch / Curse of the Sad Mummy
Crystal Spires / Impale
Fury of the Xer'Sai / Void Rush
Glorious Evolution / Chaos Storm
Shadow Walk / Agony's Embrace
Prowl / Aspect of the Cougar
Monkey's Agility / Phoenix Stance
Rage Gene / G...!
Double Strike / Highlander

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