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HintPerson, Place, or Thing
Lincoln's favorite TV show
Name of the newspaper

Chris's band

Jennifer's husband

What Jennifer's husband wants to name the baby
Lincoln's gym

Lincoln's ex-girlfriend

Where Lincoln runs into his ex-girlfriend
The occupation of the cute redhead Beth meets
The name of Doris's second husband
The lilliputian copy editor always flirting with Lincoln
The bar where Justin and Dena meet
The night that the above bar does country
HintPerson, Place, or Thing
What Eve jokes about being allergic to
The game that Doris tries (and fails) to teach Lincoln
Lincoln's date to Justin and Dena's wedding
What Jennifer would name a band, if she had one
Annoying lead guitarist in Chris's band
The sport that Lincoln played in high school
The movie playing when Beth and Lincoln meet in the theater
Dungeons and Dragons hosts
The (atrocious) color of Beth's bridesmaid dress
Eve's husband

The artist that is blaring loudly when Lincoln gets in Justin's car
The last movie theater in the city that has RC cola
Kissing her was like kissing a warm bath

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