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Dance Moms only showed about 7 seconds of this routine, and the title is in the song if you listen very closely. Performed at Starpower in the episode 'She's a Fighter.'Red Top and Red Pants and a Red Headband
Performed at Onstage New York, this was Paige's first solo that season and she forgot it. :(Blue and Pink two piece; Pink Bow in Paige's hair
She won first place for this routine.Orange Tank Top and Shorts
She danced with a couch prop at In10sity Dance.White Top and White Pants
She has tried to perform this 3 times, being able to only once.Red and Black Top with Shorts
She recieved 6th place for this routine, and Abby said that she would give Paige a private lesson any time she wanted one.Kendall's costume for her solo 'My Dear Friend.'
Her first routine of Season 3 and placed 3rd with this acrobatic routine.Ruffly Top and Sparkly Long Pants
This routine was about a clown and was shown in Abby's Dance-A-Thon.Pink Top and Pink and Black TuTu

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