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QUIZ: Can you name the Maddie's Solo Performances by a Hint?

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She slipped on the gym floor during this Spanish Jazz dance.Maddie's 'Sinful' Costume
She recieved 2nd place at iHollywood competition for this sad lyrical solo.Stained White Dress
Lyrical solo at Starbound in Season 2 which she performed the week she was on 'Drop Dead Diva.'White and Gold Costume
Her second solo that was performed on a gym floor, this time it was lyrical.The same costume as 'Universe'
A lyrical solo that won first place at Starpower when she played Dorothy.Light Blue Two Piece Costume
Dedicated to her late grandmotherWhite Costume
This is her second lyrical routine performed at Hollywood Vibe.A Blue Top and Skirt
Her first solo in Season 3, and Chloe, Kendall, and Mackenzie also recieved solos this week. Performed at In10sity Dance.Purple and Blue costume
A lyrical solo that was only seen once on the show because the episode had too much controversy to repeat.Light Blue Two Piece Costume
Maddie did this routine 4 times on the show so far...Blue Costume
Also known as 'Nevermind', Maddie dances with a letter in this graceful lyrical solo.'Trapped' Costume
A lyrical solo performed at Hollywood Vibe competiton.Pink Costume
A tap routine that she performed as her second solo during the first ever 'Solo Week.'Yellow Dress and Tan Tap Shoes
A musical theater solo performed on the Season 2 premire; Chloe, Nia, and Kendall also recieved solos this week.Her 'Black Swan' top and 'Angel' skirt. (White)
Maddie won the 2011 Starbound Nationals for this routine.White Costume also used for 'Angel.'
She lost to Chloe for the first time on the show with thise early season 2 jazz solo.Chloe's 'Make You Mine' Costume
A season 2 contemporary routine performed in front of a Joffrey official.Black Costume
Abby said that she saved this music for when Maddie was mature enough.Yellow Dress
Performed in Season 3 against Kendall and a boy from the Candy Apples team, and she won first place.Light Blue dress
She forgot this dance the first time she performed it.Pink Dress
Maddie's second lyrical routine that we've seen on Dance Moms.White Dress
2012 Energy National's soloPink and Gray Two-Piece
Maddie beat her rival Julliana with this lyrical solo performed at Starpower.Light Purple Costume
The title of this routine is who Maddie is portraying, she used a doll as a prop.Her Dissappear Costume
In this Season 2 lyrical routine, she played Snow White.Blue and Red Costume
Her first solo since 'This is Me Over You.'Tan and Red Costume

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