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By changing one syllable at a time, can you name all of the male idols?

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Let's get started with the leader of the K-Pop's Kings. His real name and stage name have a lot in common; the first half sounds like 'gee' and the second half is a winged lizard!
Keeping with our rapper line up, the next idol has a lot of fame as a soloist... but he's also from Block B!

This boy is the baby-face of BTS.

Our next idol is also a rapper... and also from Block B!

Another rapper! This time from Winner.

Oh, look out, Winner's rapper... Winner's leader is next!

The next name is the real name of two idols from Big Bang.

The main vocalist of Monsta X.

Another main vocalist, this time from B.A.P

Good things come in three... this is a fourth Big Bang member, and another main vocalist!

2PM's maknae is next!

We started with a rapper, so let's finish with one too. The deep voiced rapper of EXO, that is.

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