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Try your hand at identifying some of the male characters from the Old Testament!

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First male created
First male killed
Built the Ark
Husband to Sarah and devout follower of God
'...I will not let your people go...'
Lead the Israelites out of Egypt
Leader after Moses
Super strength...until
Sold into slavery by his brothers
Wrestled with God
Jack of all trades..shepard, harpist, and King!
First King of Israel
Asked for wisdom above all else
They were both prophets
'...Where is the sacrifice father?'
The last judge of Israel
Seventh king of Israel..Jezebels husband
He lost it all
'Send me I'll go'
Thrown into the firery furnace
Oldest living person
Philistine giant
King David's father
Husband of Bathsheba
Hebrew scribe and priest
First man to commit murder
Married Ruth (daughter-in-law of Naomi)
Swallowed by a large fish
Son of Abraham (Hagar)
Abraham's nephew

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