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1. Who is the King of Sweden?
2. Who is the Queen?
3. What is the Queen's maiden name?
4. Where is the Queen's mother from?
5. Where is the Queen's father from?
6. How many languages does the Queen speak?
7. Who is the Crown Princess?
8. Who did the Crown Princess marry?
9. Who is the Royal Couple's only son?
10. Who is the Royal Couple's third child?
11. Who is the first child of the Crown Princess Couple?
12. Who did #10 marry?
13. Where is #12 from?
14. Who is #9's wife?
15. What is the Royal House's Name?
16. Who is the Princess Couple's first child?
17. The King has how many sisters?
18. Who is the King's youngest sister?
19. Where does the Crown Princess Couple live?
20. Where does the Royal Couple live most weekends?
21. Where does the family work? (which location)
22. Where does the Royal Couple live most of the time?
23. What is the King's motto?
24. Where does the family reside in the summer?
25. Where did the Royal Couple meet?
26. When did the King assume the throne?
27. Who is #11 4th name in honor of?
28. #16 shares a name of who in the royal family?
29. Both the Queen and the #10 are involved in which charity?
30. Who is the only one of the King's sisters to keep a royal title?
31. Who is the Crown Princess Couple's only son?
32. How many grandchildren to the Kingly Couple have?
33. What charity did #14 start alongside her friend Frida Vesterberg?

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