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Forced Order
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Owner of the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman Emporium and WarehouseA
The judge of the Miss Cankle USA PageantB
One of the Handi-QuacksC
Channel 5 News Texas' Religion ReporterD
The character Carter plays in Something Something Something Dark Side and It's a TrapE
Peter made it halfway through this film starring Matthew McConaugheyF
The name of Channel Five's weather mimeG
Jesus's surnameH
Quagmire's dad's name after his sex changeI
The airline Peter and Brian use when going to Ireland to find Peter's fatherJ
This character died in IraqK
The character that was Drew Barrymore's first voice appearance on the showL
The Super Devil carries a jar of this which forces you to commit adulteryM
Ernie's wifeN
Departmentally disabled police officerO
Meg's supervisor at Superstore USAP
French restaurant in Quahog; 'What stinks?'Q
The director of the Quahog Players before LoisR
He was in hell for killing a hookerS
Peter claims that everything this actor says is a stitchT
Stewie sings this about Jillian before he met herU
The first two words Andy Dufresne said to anyone in Three KingsV
President of the Quahog Beautiful Peoples' ClubW
Item Peter orders from a comic bookX
Francis's last wordsY
The species that was competing against Peter's synchronised swimming teamZ

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