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Hint Name
Wife of Abraham
Little princess
'Write You A Love Song' singer
First lady and wife of President James Polk
Vice presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska
Irish Artist
1976 Hall and Oates song
Character in Patricia MacLachlan 1986 book
British Singer, Actress and ex-wife of Andrew Lloyd Weber
French Stage Actress
Duchess of York
'Sex and the City' Actress
American Food Corporation
Doctor Who character and sidekick
Hint Name
Australian model
Lead Character in JAG
American Olympic Skater
Mexico's Grandma
American Country and Western Singer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Terminator Character and FOX t.v. show
Fleetwoood Mac Song
2002 movie starring Mathew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley
'Aquamarine' star
Comedian and 'School of Rock' actress
Canadian Singer and Songwriter
2008 movie starring Paul Rudd and Kristen Bell

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