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What do we call our fellow year classmates?
Who is the father of behavioral psychology?
But who do we worship?
Mental Retardation is now known as….
What does IEP stand for?
The top school psychology journal to publish in is…..
What is the recommended treatment for autism spectrum disorder?
To complete your PhD, you need to complete what two major documents
What type of research do we do?
What test do we take to become licensed psychologists?
Name of popular psychologist we learn nothing about...
The worst class ever in our program is on what day?
School Psychology is division # what of APA
Three common orientations in psychology
ABA stands for….
Autism is actually not linked to …..
Freud is the father of….
Stanford Binet is _________________
Negative reinforcement: increases or decreases behavior?
The specific aspect of behavior we look at is….
We want 80% IOA with someone when do a classroom observation as a measure of ______________
Famous study about syphilis that changed how research was done to protect human subjects
Most common thing asked when someone learns you are studying psychology
Statistical significance is found to be at this number or less
Our annual conference is called this 4 letter acronym
The department of our program's favorite phrase is
Our #1 fundraiser each year is a _____________
On average, how many publications do students come out of our program with?
___________ Day is Fraternity/Sorority Bid Day
The looming tension of a life in academia is summed up in this phrase: __________ or perish
We primarily study behavior through what means?
Our program was recently ranked ____ in the nation for match percentages
A number of students in our program receive additional services so we can be certified behavior analysts AKA have our:
What does SPED stand for in the schools?
In Mississippi, there are _____ disability categories

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