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Forced Order
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Clue Person Queston
Who Died On Wickery Bridge?Main Characters Parents
They Left a daughter Behind Named?Main Character
Has a Bother Named?Smokes Pott in the first Season
Who Is In Love With?Becomes a Vampire
Has a Brother Named?Main Characters Ex-boyfriend
Who Dates?Main Characters Best Friend
Clue Person Queston
Who Becomes a Vampire by Who?Main Characters Doppelganger
Who Is In Love With?He Is a Vampire
Who Killed His Father Who Is Named?Head of The council In 1850.
Who Has A Older So Named?Main Characters Soul Mate.
Had a Cellmate When held by Geyson? Named.Damoned Belived to be Dead.
He Fell In Love With?She Is The Main Characters Bestfriend
Clue Person Queston
Learns Express Magic From Who?He is Look for Silas?
Manipulates Her to believing he found her Biological Parents She Helps break the Sire Bond of Hybrids
She Meets Him In The Appalachian Mountains First Hybrid to be created
He wants Revenange on Who?Killed His Mother.

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