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what is the period after the civil war where the economy and social structures were rebuilt is known as:
What years did reconstruction take place?
Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?
What were carpetbaggers?
Which president came up with the 10% plan?
Why was the Freedmen's Bureau created?
What is the 13th amendment?
What is the 14th amendment?
What is the 15th amendment?
What were the laws created to keep freedmen in slavelike conditions?
What is the act that gave goverment owned land in southern states to provide free farms for african americans?
The system in which farmers worked on land owned by someone else in return for a small portion of the crops?
How did lincoln get rid of the wade davis bill?
What compromise in which the democrats agree to except the republican president in return for the removal of federal troops from the south
What did southners refer to the regin after the reconstruction?
Which president took over after the lincolns assasssination?
Which act gave african americans citizenship and legal rights?
Southerns that became republicans are called:
Who was the first afican american that servced in the senate?
What Date was johnson impeached?
A group that use terror and violence to keep african americans from obtaining there civil rights?
Wanted tough requirements for restoring southern states?
The procedure for readmitting seceded states is known as:
What is the procee set forth in the constitution for charging the president or another federal official with a crime?
Which president used the pocket veto during the reconstruction period?
A system of farming where farmers rented their land from the landowner and were allowed to grow what ever crop they chose?
Group of republicans that broke with the republican party over the enforcement act scandle during the grant administration?
Acts that prevented a qualified citizen from voting?
The south was so strongly democratic that it was known as:
The laws that put the southern states U.S. military control?

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