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Lives on the planet Vincci, is the professors greatest hero
Captain of the Nimbus
Robot Actor
Chief of police had an affair with a robot officer
sewer mutant with moose horns'
was emotionally abused by her father
the head of the robot mafias wife
moms stooge #3
Owner of a Pizaria
Orphan, took temporary residence in benders cabinet
Raunchy by the books navigator
Owns the zoo on simian 7, creationist
Olympic class limbo'er Caribbean nationality
Whale Keeper
shapshifting alien owns 5 castles
head in a jar that can shoot lazers out of his eyes
moms stooge #1
Gentleman hobo
'Name a body part and a planet and hes taken a bullet in it, on it'
the grand curator of the society of madfellows
played himslef on the forbidden planet
chain smoker
Monkey that has a hat that makes him smart
Fry's old Girlfriend
Janitor of Planet Express
Father of all Religion
transformed into a mutant after the land titanic sunk
Fry calls her gram gram
is the secret ingredient to slurm
Long Term Grad student and billionaire
Leela's boyfriend played the sax
Co-owner of Mars Vegas
Dr of freudian circuit anaysis
Sewer Mutant Daughter is an ace pilot
the planet express crews pet
Chief of police
sewer mutant
big green goopy alien
Head of the supreme court
owner of a television station and the Butterfly derby
Fry calls him Shabado
robot with the brain of a human predicts crime
male lead of the root 2 news
medical crab
Ran against Nixon in the presidential debate
second man on the moon and will do anything for $20
co owner of mars vegas
Clone with a smooshed nose
who fry slept with to become his own grandfather
The surgeon General creator of Diamondillium
owner of a fast food chain that briefly sold poplers
Eats her nitroglycerin in souffle form
Ruler of the planet Omicron Perci 8
the pride of Kansas City
Hot doctor
feed off brain waves
Chief slogan writer for the Feministas
Sewer Mutant Daughter is an ace pilot
Donbot goon #2
Benders rubber-legged paramore
Moon Farmers robot daughter
crackpot professor
Listened to a football game when her son was born
Robot of xmas
son of famous celebrity malfunctioned on camera
wears a 'hooter hammock'
Mayor of New New York
female anchor of the root 2 news
undead father of haunaka
The head of the robot mafias daughter
host the show Iron Cook
Cooky delivery boy
fourth lieutenant on the nimbus
owner of Diamonds are Forever jewelry store
Chunky orphan
head was kidnapped by nappster
Robot Spiritual Medium
creator of dungeons and dragons
Donbot Goon #1
Jamaican accountant
Trampoline salesman and Y2k conspiracy nut
3 eared orphan
Manager at Applied Cryogenics
Perpetual criminal and fond of stabbing
Celebrety chef four arms
an incompetent lawyer
Member of the Leigon of Madfellows
has a lazy eye says kagiger a lot
Ran against Nixon in the presidential debate
son of the Jamaican accountant
Female Lead on All my Circuts
Robotic police officer
the half brother on all my circuits
one eyed pilot
played herself on the forbidden plannet
Chesty poker player
huge floating brains
robot Spirit of Quanza
Former President of earth
Sherrif of the moon
Robot with a crutch
faceless robot plays poker and wears sunglasses
Human Police officer
the original party worm
Head of the Harlem Globe Trotters
Celebrity Chef
the Mayors Aide
Extra terrestrial being with genticles
hermes temporary replacement had an affair while working
Robot fond of Xrated activities
Reptile pope
moms stooge #2
bending robot with a gotee
played himself on the forbidden plannet
Warden of the Cookieville minimum security orphanarium
Head of the Robot Mafia
Rules over Robot hell
Mascot of luna park
president of earth
Wife of the Jamaican accountant
older brother
Winner of a nobel prize and published author
Leader of a band of kids in LA
the best looking orphan who became a plastic surgeon
Billionaire Oil Tycoon
the professors gargoyle
Headless body of a vice president
Dean of Mars University
has many different jobs like driving a dump truck and building leo wongs golf course
chain smoking mutant
Car Dealership Owner
Toad star of a television show
a shady organ deeler

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