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Can you name the Horror movie by Kills?

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Guy is being suck into his bed and gets shot back out in liquid form.
The infamous basketball- to- the- head decapitating death scene.
Getting sliced and diced while taking a shower.
Poor ditz gets wacked against a tree like the killer is dusting off an Oriental rug. Ouch!
Our leading lady hunts down the leader of her group rape and slices off his twig and berries, leaving our gentleman to bleed out slowly over the course of a few hours.
The two girls are barbecued and electrocuted in the trapped tanning beds.
A bunch of old-timey party-goers get abruptly vivisected by an improbably taut cable that comes loose aboard a luxury liner.
Woman's eye slowly impaled into a wooden splinter.
After escaping outside, she can see her parents arriving, but before she can get their attention, the killer comes up and plunges a knife into her chest.
She found herself stuck in “The Angel Trap”. To free herself, she reaches for a key inside a jar of acid.
Creature bursts out of man's chest.
By the time her prolonged attempted escape from the killer is over, she's on her knees with a giant pole in her forehead.
The doctor has his forearms bitten off when a giant gaping maw suddenly opens up in the chest cavity of his former colleague.
One girl was thrown through the windscreen, one loses the leg she was dangling out of the window, but the most impressive, however, was the lass who lost her face from a car tire.
The prey is attempting to escape down a really long apartment building stairwell, then a running chainsaw drops down on her.

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