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Can you name the answers to these rapid-fire Laverne & Shirley trivia questions?

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What was the name of the brewery where Laverne & Shirley worked?
What was Laverne's favorite drink?
What was the name of Shirley's stuffed cat?
Which character was known as 'The Big Ragoo'?
What is the name of the business Laverne's father owns in the first 5 seasons?
What city did the show take place in?
Laverne & Shirley was a spin-off of what TV show?
What year did the show premiere?
What is Carmine's nickname for Shirley?
What was the name of the girls' blonde neighbor in California?
What was Laverne's Dad's nickname for her?
What was the name of Penny Marshall's real-life brother, one of the creators of the show?
Which Frank Sinatra song does Shirley often sing to cheer Laverne up?
On which TV network did the show originally air?
What did the back of Lenny's jacket say?
What was the name of the girls' red-headed high school nemesis?
What heartthrob (a favorite of both Shirley & Laverne's) makes a guest appearance in a season 3 episode?
Finish this quote from the episode 'Drive, She Said': 'Shouldn't we use the ______ for gas?'
Lenny is 89th in line to what country's throne?
What was the name of Laverne's policeman on-and-off-again boyfriend?
What is Squiggy's first name?
Who sang the theme song to the show, 'Making Our Dreams Come True'?
What is Laverne's middle name?
What is the name of the restaurant Laverne's father owns in California (seasons 6-8)?
Finish the quote: 'Please don't harass _______ please.'
What is the name of Laverne & Shirley's landlord in Burbank (a stuntman who Laverne also dates)?
Finish the quote: 'Touch my L, sweetie, and your teeth go to _________!'
What is the name of the girls' high school?
Finish the phrase: Jake the _______
What is the name of the girls' club that Laverne & Shirley were in during High School?
The girls kiss a poster featuring which musical group in the opening credits of the California seasons?
What Broadway show is Carmine auditioning for in the show's final season?
What year did the show end?
What was the name of Laverne's boyfriend, played by Ted Danson in the episode 'Why Did the Fireman...?'
What actor played Shirley's brother, Bobby, in the episode 'Buddy, Can You Spare a Father?'
What was the name of Edna Babish's daughter, who makes an appearance in the episode 'The Slow Child'?
What was the name of Shirley's dental student cousin?
What was the name of the girls' army drill sargent in 'You're in the Army Now'?
What boyfriend of Laverne's just didn't give her 'goosebumps'?
Fill in the blank: 'It's not the road that gets on my nerves, it's the _____!'

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