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After getting cut off from her father's fortune, temporarily works at a strip club
Newport Living magazine editor and heavy drinker
Wants to publish 'Atomic County'
Accused of burning down a lab and killing a man in the fire
Caleb Nichol's secret love child
Bubbly blonde from Pennsylvania
Plastic surgeon who moves to Seattle
Seth Cohen's toy horse.
Bi sexual manager of the Bait Shop
Alcoholic who kicks her son out of the house, later buys him his first car
Makes up a story about meeting an Italian girl at his sister's wedding.
Originally born in Chino. When asked 'Who are you?' by his nextdoor neighbor, he answered 'Whoever you want me to be'
Former public defender turned lawyer who met his wife at Berkley
His real name is Dennis
CEO of the Newport Group.
Invented 'Chrismukkah'
Cheats on his girlfriend at prom and later is charged with her manslaughter
Suffers from domestic abuse and eventually becomes pregnant
Hooks up with her daughter's ex-boyfriend
Apparently shaves his chest, has a gay father
Ends up marrying her highschool sweetheart, although her fate was GEORGE
Has a heart attack resulting in falling into his pool and dying
Hooks up with her best friends boyfriend in Mexico
Lives in Florida, her granddaughter is named after her
Oil merchant with 12 sons
Her 'Atomic County' character carried a magic flask
The 'yard guy'
Had an affair with Dean Hess
Dean of Harbor High School
Moves to the OC after her cousin dies
His next door neighbor is also his ex-fiancee. Lives on his yaht for a little during Season 1
Lives in the penthouse of a hotel, attemps suicide
Was in a coma for a few months after being shot
Wants to stay in the OC for good after she claims her sister's reign is over

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