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Cute boy in class, a certain red-head hates him
House nearly burns down, youngest in the girl group
Wants to be called Cordelia, is an outcast, and longs for a dress with puff sleeves
Calls the new girl 'Fido', short blond hair, fights one of his classmates
Will not eat next to dirty trash, kind of a mean girl, long blonde hair
The town gossip, has 10 children, a Liberal
Not good at math, loves drinking tea, never married, is sad when her former beau dies
Quite shy, quiet, has a dress made for his little girl
Staying with the Barry's, doesn't know about children's illnesses, lives in a manse
Very proper woman, has two daughters, forgives the red-head after she saves her child's life
French boy, the farmhand, gets beat up in town and robbed
Is a horse, got startled by a dog in the first episodeBrown horse
Little patience with his students, has a pet mouse
Doesn't know Jane Eyre, accidentally sent the Cuthberts a girl instead of a boy
Mean lady, has 8 children, husband dies
Shows the new girl where the class keeps their milk, gets drunk at a tea party, a bosom friend
Seeing the mountains did his heart good, tells his son to see the world, unlike the book he dies early in the story
Is a dressmaker, collects buttons, helps the Cuthberts in a time of need
Is upset after hearing what the new girl said about her, studying for her entrance exam, is romantical with her teacher
Delivers milk
The oldest Cuthbert, died early in life
The other Lynde, has 10 children with his wife
Not really a character, but the orphan talks to her sometimes, an imaginary friendThe clock
Is part of the girl group, a little bigger than the other girls, says she likes to read too but she really doesn't
The younger Barry sister, gets croup and almost dies
Spells ravishing on the blackboard correctly, tall and skinny
Rhymes with Judy, misspells dreadful, is seen cutting snowflakes with the new girl in the last epsiode
Nice girl, shoulder length brown hair, her mother wouldn't let her say hello to the new girl
Leader of the PMSC, kicks one of the members out the next day after the pet mouse drama
Calls the new girl a trollop, also a PMSC member, says feminism is an incredible word
The other horse, is sold to raise money to save Green GablesBlack horse
Works in the dress shop, is called in to measure the red-head's dress

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